Track and manage your quotes and invoices easily in one place



Sales personnel and managers could easily find all the past and current quotes and invoices in one system, enable customers’ follow-up, status and information tracking to be done easily and efficiently. 

Managers can have full observation of sales personnel’s performances, and assign quotes to them, enable better monitor and management. 






Ease of Use


Able to make quotes and invoices easily with the customized data fields, standardized formats, and the automation of calculations. After inserting all the information required, your customized quote and invoice will be made, with your company logo and address on it. 

Also, when your customer is already in the system’s account, the system will input all the related information automatically, allowing you to make the quote and invoices in seconds.  




Valuable Information Storage



Enable users to see all the detailed transactions related information about each customers. Users will know which customer is the most loyal, understand their purchase preferences and how many money you gain from them. All these information is important for future relationship building. 

Besides, users could make quotes and invoices in seconds, as the related information will be inputted automatically. 





Flexible Quotes Calculation and Discounts


With the flexible quotes calculation, you can insert as many items you like, and change the pricing into one-time fee, fixed per unit and percentage based etc. It gives you great flexibility in how your quotes are calculated. 

You can also create different discounts for different products, promotions or reseller purposes, by percentages or exact number. Users could simply insert the discounts while creating the quotes, making calculations flexible and easy to monitor.




Reports and Analysis


Includes reports and analysis that summarizes all your sales pipeline and performances by the data from quotes and invoices. Having clear details of the quotes status and actual sales revenue, managers could easily use these information to do sales forecast, and predicts company’s growth.