Queue Board


Queue Board is a board that uses in call centers to enhance call performances, it is also user-friendly. Showing per queue groups' 

real-time information, including calls in queue, answered calls, abandoned calls, average hold time, average talk time, agents on call, 

agent availability, lost call sum, call waiting and the time each agents talked per call, for the call center agents and managers, so they

could analyze the time they should use per call. 




Queue Group Status

Queue board can show the real-time information of every queue group,

You can read the current call situation of every agent on it.


Agents Status 

Agents can freely switch their working status between online and on-break, and no call will be transferred to the extensions of any on-break agents.


Calls in Queue

Calls in queue shows the number of customers who are waiting for agent to answer their call. If all the agents are not available, the calls in queue will be routed to the queue list, and the calls in the queue list will be answered once the agent finishes their calls


Moreover, you can set the condition of having priority to answer the calls. For example, you can set that agent who has the longest rest time should answer the call with the highest priority.




Answered Calls

Queue board will show the real-time number of answered calls on it. With the reference to the result of queue board, you can forecast the sales rate, the productivity of agents and the performance of agents.  


Abandoned Calls

Queue board will show the real-time number of abandoned calls (calls which are not answered by agents or hung up by customers during the waiting time).


Average Hold Time

Queue board will show the average hold time of agents.

Average hold time is the average time that agents have taken to answer a call or customer have waited in the queue.


Average Talk Time

Queue board will show the average talk time of agents.

Average talk time is the average time agents spent on the conversation with customers.


Agents on Call

Queue will show the number of agents on call and their duty time.


Agents Available 

Queue will show the number of available agents and the total number of answered calls for each agent.


Lost Call Sum

Queue board can show the percentage of total lost calls, agents can refer to the lost call sum to balance the length of calls.


Call Waiting

Queue board can show the current waited time of customers and the order of queuing customers.

Manager can set the ceiling of waiting time; priority will be given to the customer who has been waited for a long time closed to the ceiling time.