Auto dialer



Cold call is said to be one of the most effective marketing communications for promotion; however, the cost of cold call is relatively higher than other promotions.

Auto-dialer is a function designed for cold calling, it enables you to computerize the process of cold calling, so as to simplify the manual procedures and enhance the efficiency of cold calling.







Dial list Management

You can import dial lists to the system and sort the dial lists. Besides, you can also create a dial list from your current account lists to conduct follow-up sales.


Auto dialing

You can select your targeted dial lists and the system will dial to the numbers on the list, only the answered calls will be transferred to the agents.


Random cold call

You can enter a dial pattern, and the system will conduct the random cold call following the dial pattern. The answered calls will be transferred to the agents.  


Dial direction


You can either choose “dialing before the agent standing by” or “dialing after the agent standing by”. Only the calls answered by clients will be transferred to the agents, it can reduce the redundant steps for agents to conduct cold calling and enhance the efficiency of cold calling.


Failure retry

If the call is unanswered, the system will re-dial the number for you if you required.


Save unanswered call list

The unanswered calls can be saved for future campaigns or follow up actions.


Dial prefix

You can set the dial prefix for cold calling, the number will be dialed with the prefix.


Campaign report

The system will generate a report for every finished campaign which specifies the result summary and allows you to export dial lists from the campaign report to follow up the potential prospects.